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M365 gemischtes

In dieser Folge sprechen wir über verschiedene Neuigkeiten aus der M365 Welt, eine Tüte gemischtes also.

Cloudkumpel Cast Episode 8


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Governance skalierbar machen; Regeln & Features zentral steuern; Select Managed Environments

⁠Environment groups (preview) – Power Platform⁠

Power Platform Environment routing

Premium: direct makers into their own, personal developer environments; Dev Env. Managed by default. ⁠Default environment routing (preview)⁠


AI Builder

Wir haben die nächste Episode unseres Cloudkumpel Casts aufgezeichnet und Copilot sagt, darum geht es:

Power Plattform und AI Builder

Adrian und Marvin diskutieren die verschiedenen Funktionen und Anwendungsfälle des AI Builders, wie z.B. das Extrahieren von Informationen aus Dokumenten, das Generieren von Texten mit GPT-3 Prompts oder das Beschreiben von Bildern.


Power BI RLS from SharePoint column

Hi folks,

Sometimes you get data not from a database, but as a file like CSV and you need to visualize it in Power BI, but not giving access to the data for everyone. And worse, the people are not mentioned in the file itself. Today I will show you how you can control access to a specific file using SharePoint and Row Level Security (RLS) in Power BI. This trick only works if your users User Principal Name (UPN) is the same as the email. Let’s start.


PowerAutomate – Create SharePoint site collection

Hey folks,

In this post you will learn how to create a SharePoint site collection using Power Automate. I will also explain the different parameters to configure, prerequisites and how to check if a site already exists. Also you will learn about the parameter “SensitivityLabel” to actually apply a sensitivity label to your site while creation and why you shouldn’t use “Classification” anymore.


Different ways how to deploy SharePoint Syntex model

Hey folks!

today we will learn how to deploy a SharePoint Syntex Model on a SharePoint library in different ways. Especially, when you want to automatically deploy it on a SharePoint library, e.g. for each new project or department site, it can get a bit more complex to automate everything. Unfortunately, currently it’s not possible to deploy it using a SharePoint site template, but I will show you all other ways how to deploy it.


#MSIgnite – Power Platform Updates

Am Dienstag, 02.03.2021, um 17:30 Uhr CET ist die #MSIgnite 2021 mit der Keynote von Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gestartet. Zuerst stellte Satya fünf Schlüsselattribute der nächsten Generation von Cloudinnovationen vor:

  • Ubiquitous and decentralized computing
  • Sovereign data and ambient intelligence
  • Empowered creators and communities everywhere
  • Economic opportunity for the global workforce
  • Trust by design

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