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Power Automate – SharePoint trigger non-default flows

Hey folks,

This post will be a brief overview of how to trigger a Power Automate flow, which is not inside the default environment, from SharePoint.

As you may have noticed, if you create a flow using the SharePoint triggers “For a selected item” or “For a selected file” within a non-default environment, you cannot find it within the “Automate” option inside a SharePoint list or library.


PowerAutomate – Create SharePoint site collection

Hey folks,

In this post you will learn how to create a SharePoint site collection using Power Automate. I will also explain the different parameters to configure, prerequisites and how to check if a site already exists. Also you will learn about the parameter “SensitivityLabel” to actually apply a sensitivity label to your site while creation and why you shouldn’t use “Classification” anymore.


Stream (on SharePoint) Übersicht und Stream on SharePoint Portal

Seit Microsoft 2021 angekündigt hat Microsoft Stream (Classic) nicht weiter zu entwickeln und zugunsten von SharePoint Online / OneDrive for Business einzustellen ist einiges geschehen. Die offensichtlichste Änderung, zumindest in der Dokumentation, ist die Unterscheidung in Stream Classic und Stream on SharePoint. In gewisser Weise ist es also ein Rolle rückwärts, von Office 365 Video über Stream zurück zu Stream on SharePoint.

Allerding nicht ganz, denn der Ansatz ist ein anderer als noch zu Office 365 Video Zeiten. Zukünftig sollen Videos in SharePoint Online und OneDrive for Business ähnlich behandelt werden wie Office Dokumente. Also deutlich besser integriert als bisher.

Alle Funktionen die wir aus dem Stream (classic) Portal kennen haben es allerdings noch nicht nach SharePoint geschafft, welche Video spezifischen Funktionen aktuell schon zur Verfügung stehen möchte ich im Folgenden einmal betrachten:

Schon seit längerem verfügbar: Stream on SharePoint Portal Zu erreichen ist das neue Stream Portal über


Power Automate – Create SharePoint Page from Word document

Hey folks,

recently I came across a question in the Power Automate community forum, where retrofuture came up with the question to generate a SharePoint Page filled with a word document content uploaded/created in SharePoint Online. The basic idea came from a Youtube video by Lernen Tech / Krishan Sharma, who used a SharePoint list. In this article you will learn how to get the content from a Word document and publish it on a new SharePoint page. So in general we have two different things to achieve, first we need our Word document content as plain text (or better as HTML), the second is to create a new SharePoint page. The second thing is already pretty good explained in the video, we will just make a couple of changes, but first things first.


SharePoint Library View In File Explorer

Back in the days in SharePoint On-Prem there was a control that let you open a SharePoint Library in Windows Explorer. This was a handy feature, for example mass copying of documents. This feature also made it to SharePoint online, but always was depending on Internet Explorer. Last year Microsoft announced that it will bring this functionality to Microsoft Edge and the Modern UI of SharePoint Online Libraries.


Microsoft Lists Sync is coming back

Back to the future

Back in 2010 there was SharePoint Workspace, that enables sync of SharePoint On-Prem content including lists. Last year at Ignite Jeff Teper announced Project Nucleus to bring back that kind of functionality and more. Jeff spoke about the following key features:

  • Offline sync / access to lists
  • Much better performance in large lists
  • Better performance on list filtering, grouping, and sorting
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