For some time I thought about integrating an vacuum robot into our smarthome. But as the rest of the smarthome the robot should work offline. So I came across Valetudo Firmware an the list of supported robots: Supported Robots | Valetudo

Next step was, to find a supported robot for a reasonable price. I came across a Viomi SE at an Amazo Warehouse deal in “Good” confition for 150€ so i decided to give it a try.

I followed the detailed description how to root the robot:

Hypfer/valetudo-crl200s-root: Tooling to root CRL-200S-based vacuum robots (

with one exception regarding enabling the adb access:

To enable adb access it was necessary to press and hold Home Button, press the power button ten times, release both then start the script and follow the instructions.

The first few tries did not seem to work as expected:

I switched the USB port on the RasPi and it works as described on GitHub:

Running the shell script:

Extract the firmware:

Run the Install script

And after a reboot of the robot the webinterface is accessible and I was able to controll the robot locally and integrate it via mqtt into home assistant.

Valetudo local webinterface

Glück Auf!