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Vacuum robot without cloud – Viomi SE with Valetudo

For some time I thought about integrating an vacuum robot into our smarthome. But as the rest of the smarthome the robot should work offline. So I came across Valetudo Firmware an the list of supported robots: Supported Robots | Valetudo

Next step was, to find a supported robot for a reasonable price. I came across a Viomi SE at an Amazo Warehouse deal in “Good” confition for 150€ so i decided to give it a try.


Power BI: Divison wanted – my German ‘Bezirksliga’ suggestion

Hey folks,

if you know me, you probably know I am very interested into playing, watching or talking about football (or “soccer”). After decades my home club finaly reached again the seventh German ‘Bezirksliga’ and a German community platform and news publisher “” about amateurs football was looking for suggestions how to split the league. So I decided to make my suggestion and building a Power BI report to help me and also make it visual. Today we will learn about the German football leagues, Power BI, Geocoodinates and how to calculate distances, Power BI Bookmarks, how to use custom functions and make API calls in Power BI and to get some webbrowser content using Power Automate Desktop.


Power Automate: Trigger conditions

In Microsoft Power Automate, flows are executed as soon as the trigger is met, e.g. an item is created or edited in SharePoint, a new Microsoft Forms survey has been filled out, or an email is received. But sometimes the flow should only start when a certain condition is met, for example the SharePoint list value has a certain value. For this there are the trigger conditions in Power Automate, which I would like to go into in more detail below.


SharePoint Library View In File Explorer

Back in the days in SharePoint On-Prem there was a control that let you open a SharePoint Library in Windows Explorer. This was a handy feature, for example mass copying of documents. This feature also made it to SharePoint online, but always was depending on Internet Explorer. Last year Microsoft announced that it will bring this functionality to Microsoft Edge and the Modern UI of SharePoint Online Libraries.

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